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A YA animated musical series


Series created by Crystal Skillman and Bobby Cronin 

Captain Tina the tweeny tortoise leads her crew of eccentric bunch of critters on the Spaceship P.A.W.S as they have galactic adventures all the while trying to find their way back to earth.


TV series created by
Lauren Elder and Crystal Skillman
with Songs by Lauren Elder and Regina Strayhorn

Kampfire Films

Two experienced besties in their 30s with no experience in anything but being badass female musicians band together to become an overnight sensation in this half hour musical comedy.

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The Magican’s Magician, an audio drama inspired by the world of Open, 

Kristen, an emerging YA author in New York City, uses her persona of “The Magician” to overcome the personal trauma of losing her partner Jenny to a hate crime, but when she is visited by the Society of Magicians, she realizes there may be a way to see Jenny again ... and heal a broken world.

For Release with Boom Integrated


new musical workshopped with the civilians
Written with composer Gaby Alter

Based on actual interviews, and presented in June 2020 at the Civilan's R & D Lab, THIS SHOW IS MONEY is about American's love affair with the almighty dollar and asks how our choices with this fictional creation called money affects people around us in ways that are difficult to see.

From the pandemic to our system that was always broken, based on interviews from financial journalists to front line workers to privileged, rich artists, this musical exposes how our choices with money affect us all in unexpected, comic, drastic, and disturbing ways.



Joy, is an active member of the filmmaking collective Pulp Vérité when she is captured and held overseas for four years. After being released from captivity, she returns to the United States to reunite with her friends and restart her life. But when the group realizes Joy has gathered them together for the impossible: to bring her sister who is still a captive with ISIS home, their strength as a collective, youthful ideology, and commitment to the cause are shaken to the core.

PULP VÉRITÉ was noted on the 2019 Kilroys List and was a part of the Ruth Easton New Plays Series (2001) and workshopped at the Playwrights Center in January 2022.


Music and Lyrics by Matthew McCollum
Book by Matthew McCollum and Crystal Skillman

Brightwater was a town in West Virginia, named after the untamed river that cut off its people from the rest of Appalachia. A town ruled by two households, both alike in dignity: had none. So when Rosie MacAleese fell in love with the son of her father’s nemesis…what on earth did she think would happen?

Black-Eyed Susan, formerly known asThe Ballad of Brightwater, has been developed through the ASCAP DreamWorks Musical Theatre Workshop, and was a finalist for the Dramatists Guild Fellows Program.

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