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NOVEMBER 2022  The original NYC production of OPEN is one of three productions selected to tour in Italy as part of the Kairos Italy Theater’s Onstage Festival this fall.
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A queer love story told by an amateur magician. Her energetic act attempts the impossible — to rescue her girlfriend. 

OPEN is a magic act that reveals itself to be a resurrection. A woman called the Magician presents a myriad of tricks for our entertainment, yet her performance seems to be attempting the impossible—to save the life of her partner, Jenny. But is our faith in her illusions enough to rewrite the past?

The clock is ticking, the show must go on, and, as impossible as it may seem, this Magician’s act may be our last hope against a world filled with intolerance and hate.

Currently being programed across the U.S, Open is a play that allows its audience to revel in the joy of queer love, yet grieve and process the trauma of fighting against intolerance in this timely, cathartic story. It is a story of hope. 

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"Kristen, the narrator and sole character of
Crystal Skillman’s new play “Open,”
at the Tank,
executes magic tricks
because she is the one who needs to believe. The miracle this lovely show pulls out is that by the end, she does — and so do we."

-- NYTimes Critics Pick

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"Crystal Skillman's script
Provides a perfect playground"

“Open reminds us that
Making an audience believe
is a trick writers & actors can master, too.”
-New York Times

“Critic’s pick! …Kristen, the narrator and sole character of [OPEN], executes magic tricks because she is the one who needs to believe. The miracle this lovely show pulls out is that by the end, she does—and so do we.”

—NY Times

“This play is music. It is that song you love. You know that song when every note of it is perfect, every instrument chosen is the correct choice, and the voice of the singer is the kind that lifts you to another realm. It is a poem, a love letter to us, crafted by an artist. …[Crystal Skillman] has the words for us when we do not, and she is indeed a skilled craftsman, a healer. …She mixes the world of magic with the world of the living, all with precision and grace.”


"Instead of realism, audiences are given fantasy through which reality can be seen more clearly. …OPEN is a lovely one-woman show about the intimate metaphors magic provides us for interpreting our loves, our lives, and ourselves.”


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ITALY FALL 2022 - Stay tuned! 


Open Photos by: Maria Baranova

Open Logo by: Armchair Studio  

Video by: Adventure We Can (Crystal Arnette)