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"Kristen, the narrator and sole character of
Crystal Skillman’s new play “Open,”
at the Tank,
executes magic tricks
because she is the one who needs to believe. The miracle this lovely show pulls out is that by the end, she does — and so do we."

-- NYTimes Critics Pick

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"Crystal Skillman [and Fred Van Lente] offer penetrating insight into the tirelessly prolific Kirby" 

“It was an 
absolute joy
to listen to from start to finish,
and I

every minute of it.”

- The Audio File


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"It may open a
musical era

because what is offered here for eyes, ears, and heart is a musical, but so atypically different, refreshingly modern-- just authentic."

- Austrian Newspaper Kurier 


"a love letter to marginalized people everywhere regardless of age, sex or culture.”
— Calgary Herald

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“This [Mary and Max] has
restored my faith in theatre"
-Mr. Fab,

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'Geek!' is a riot of visual invention ... and the agonizing consequences of receding youth. Now Ms. Skillman is ready to dive into the deeper, darker waters of adulthood."

"With "Cut,"... playwright Crystal Skillman presents a modest "Hurlyburly" for our time, taking aim at reality television...
The real star is the script

bristling with vitality in a compact 90 minutes."


"A  female-driven
punk-rock masterpiece!"
-Chloe Riley, Chicago Reader

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